The 4x2 rugged off-road companion


Embark on rugged adventures with the Jogger, a 4x2 powerhouse designed for the spirited explorer in search of versatile, off-road capabilities. Tailored to meet the demands of adventure enthusiasts, this vehicle seamlessly blends ruggedness and adaptability, offering an exciting journey for both solo travelers and small groups. Inside the Jogger is its rooftop bed and a convertible bed that transform your travel experience. Accommodating up to four people (3 adults and 1 child), it's the perfect solution for those seeking an authentic camping experience. Adding to its allure is the trail kitchen nestled within the Jogger's interior. Unfolding a world of culinary possibilities, it features a versatile cooking stove, a practical cooler, and a collapsible sink. Satisfy your culinary desires on the road, whipping up delicious meals against the backdrop of breathtaking landscapes. Designed with the explorer in mind, the Jogger's interior boasts supportive seating and essential amenities, ensuring each moment is enjoyable, whether you're navigating challenging terrains or cruising through urban landscapes. This vehicle invites you to pack your gear, rally your fellow adventurers, and hit the road less traveled, where the 4x2 capabilities, rooftop bed, and trail kitchen of the Dacia Jogger redefine the art of exploration.

1.0 TCe 110Hp

Seating for 5 people and beds for 4 people

4,5 m x 2 m x 1,63 m

Not Available

Rooftop bed: 2 m x 1,4 │ Convertible bed: 1,8 x 1,3